Access to reliable internet in today’s digital age is crucial to keeping students competitive in the classroom. Research, receiving assignments, engagement with other students and teachers, fact-checking, turning in assignments, checking their grades – the internet is a powerful resource that every child needs to do well academically and a tool most teachers expect students to use when completing assignments. Students without access are at a huge disadvantage, but this network provides tools they need to succeed in school and in life.


  • The Homework Network provides free, in-home educational internet at no cost to students.
  • Having access to in-home educational internet means students can complete homework assignments from the comfort of home.  Today 70% of teachers assign homework that requires use of the internet to complete.
  • Through the Homework Network, students can easily finish assigned schoolwork, collaborate with others and turn assignments in seamlessly.
  • Research shows that 58% of students receive higher grades on work that was completed with the help of the internet.
  • Today, only 50% of students living in Charlotte and Halifax County can access the internet at home. Every household that is connected reduces that percentage and gives another student the opportunity to thrive academically.

Working very closely with local schools, the online web access available to students at home through this program provides essential school-approved online resources students need to do well on assignments and in their classes.

This pilot program uses innovative TV White Space technology for connection, which requires some equipment to be installed, but equipment and installation costs are covered by the program, not the residents.  Once installed, access is immediate.

See how the TVWS project has made a difference in Southern Virginia.